Membership membership
Membership of the Rotary Club of Dudley is open to anyone over the age of 18 and otherwise irrespective of age, gender,sexual orientation or handicap. Our members have something in common. We wish to benefit our community and enjoy the fellowship and social interaction.

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We have several types of membership. Full individual membership costs £150 pr year. For businesses there is Corporate membership at £ per year. The business can nominate 2 individuals (who can be changed). Finally we have an Associate Membership at £25 for one year. This gives you the chance to try it out.

Since Rotary was founded in 1915 it has changed to meet the changing world. There is no longer a restriction on occupations nor do Rotarians need to attend a minimum number of meetings. We are inclusive and many of our events involve spouses/partners.

If you think you might enjoy being part of Rotary then why not attend a few of our meetings, without any obligation. You and your partner would like to join in our social meetings you will be welcome. Complete the Contact Form and email it to us or email